The Center for Research and Development of Special Technologies for Machining of Hard-to-Machine Materials focuses on a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of machining up to the production of prototype parts with turnkey technology design. Partner organizations offer hi-end manufacturing as well as research infrastructure in the field. From the machining technology solution, the center also handles part clamping and clamping systems as well as measuring jigs and fixtures with a comprehensive design for the customer. The machining center also provides a motorization system for monitoring the machining process and machine utilization with remote access to the NC control system. The center is also used in the design of new cutting tools to test their durability and performance characteristics.

The R&D center offers several services in the field of chip machining classified into individual sections:

Development and Innovation

  • Complex design and production of jigs for various technological processes,
  • Complex design and development of the technological process of production, including machinery and tooling,
  • Development of equipment for automation and robotization of production,
  • Development of custom monitoring system according to specification.

Production and testing

  • Production and testing of prototypes and validation series of machines and equipment,
  • Cost analysis for the production of a shape, a hole or a complete part (CPP),
  • Structural design and preparation of drawings
  • Testing of cutting tools in terms of tool life and their performance characteristics for chip machining
  • Verification and optimization of technological processes of mechanical engineering production,
  • CAM, NC programming with post-processor tuning for CL data at the customer,
  • Monitoring of machine utilization for the production of a given part for individual machines online, with remote access and machine intervention options for your staff,
  • Application and technical support for troubleshooting problems in production plants.

If you have a problem or request in the industry that is not listed in the list of services, please do not hesitate to contact us!