The research activities of the center for cutting and machined materials include the implementation of complex material expertise aimed at analyzing and solving problems related to the use of metallic materials. For example, structural, tool and corrosion-resistant steels, non-ferrous metals based on aluminum, magnesium, copper, Ni-superalloys, die-castings, welded joints, welds, etc.). The specific expertise is carried out at the request of the interested party by an experienced team of experts, led by the responsible research task solver, with the best knowledge in the given material field. The expertise is based on the use of modern analytical methods for the characterization of microstructure, chemical and phase composition and the determination of mechanical properties, including fractographic analysis. The main areas of expertise include:

  • Analysis of the causes of failure or loss of functional properties of structural elements and components and proposal of appropriate measures for solving the analyzed problem
  • Design and optimization of heat treatment of metal products in terms of improvement of functional properties
  • Operative analyses of the quality of metal products according to the developed test procedures


The team of experts of the Institute of Materials Research for Metallic Materials will, upon request, prepare and provide material expertise, which, according to the requirements of the interested party, may include:

  • Assessment of the problem in question in terms of identification of possible causes of its occurrence (e.g. analysis of degradation mechanisms underlying the occurrence of the problem)
  • A comprehensive material analysis including microstructural, chemical and phase composition analyses, determination of mechanical properties including fractographic analysis of fracture surfaces
  • A proposal of possible solutions to the problem, or verification of the solution in laboratory conditions