About the company

The milestone for the creation of an independent research and development company were the activities of MASAM s.r.o., which began in 2014 in the field of technical sciences. During this period, we created and validated the function of the R&D department in our manufacturing company. The team we created forms the basis to what we are now presenting, which is the combination of the private manufacturing sector with academia. MASAM R&D, together with TUKE SJF, STU MTF and IMV SAV, is a team of highly qualified personnel who guarantee that the R&D task assigned will be solved. MASAM R&D has the potential to benefit from the decades of experience of individual professors in the field and at the same time from the vigor of young researchers. We believe that the only chance to succeed is for the experts in the field to come together. This is true not only for MASAM itself, but also for the academic community and the whole of Slovakia. MASAM will invest approximately 5% of its annual turnover in MASAM R&D for the continuous development of MASAM products. The main output is definitely the development of our products, especially special cutting tools at the highest level.

The companies will also be actively involved in research projects from the European Union Structural and Investment Funds, where MASAM has successfully implemented four R&D projects to date.