MASAM R&D is an established R&D network with specified areas of interest. Individual areas of development can be expanded in the future to include topics for market needs. MASAM R&D also provides our customers with a comprehensive package of services such as turnkey technology design, cutting tool condition analysis from the manufacturing process, application and technical support, etc. R&D centers are established in each site, which will be dedicated to research and development in the respective areas under the guidance of an expert guarantor. MASAM R&D also carries out extracurricular educational activities as well as the organization of professional seminars and workshops in the above-mentioned research topics for our customers, as well as for the continuous education of MASAM Ltd. employees. The ideas of the direction of MASAM R&D are also in the preparation of graduates for practice during the entire period of study already for a specific customer or of course also for our needs. The aim is to strengthen the communication and relationship with the customer to an even greater extent in solving their technical requirements and needs. The result of all of this should be the application of our graduates in practice as much as possible, especially in Slovakia. We want to assist in the education of highly qualified personnel who will create higher added value for the industry in our country.