Our company is dedicated to the organization and implementation of professional seminars and educational lectures. After selecting a specific training topic, we will prepare the necessary scope and course of the seminar. The seminar is organized in MASAM R&D from providing expert trainers and necessary content to various types of media outputs according to customer requirements. The training can be prepared, for example, for one hour for one participant or as a full-day seminar for several tens to hundreds of participants.

The location of the seminar can and does vary. We have at our disposal lecture rooms, classrooms and laboratories of the universities STU MTF, TUKE SJF and the Academy of SAV KE. Often, however, the training and education of people is carried out directly in the company. Problems in the field can be solved on site in the form of a workshop or directly in the production plant.

In the centre for education and training activities and in the category of subject areas you will find a basic overview of the areas of technical sciences where we can provide you with certainty with a professional seminar.