The Centre for Reverse Engineering and 3D Modelling focuses on a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of non-contact and contact measurement up to the creation of a 3D model based on an existing part. We provide 3D modelling and complex design services based on customer requirement. We are equipped with a wide range of measurement technologies such as:

  •  ATOS and ZEISS optical 3D scanners,
  • ZEISS 3D touch measurement equipment,
  • photogrammetry using the TRITOP portable system,
  • ZEISS METROTOM industrial computed tomography,
  • LEICA laser measuring equipment,
  • ZOLLER optical measuring equipment.

The main focus of the MASAM R&D research center is the processing of input data, which we transform into outputs in the form of measurement reports or 3D models of components. In industrial computed tomography (CT) we provide an analysis of the internal structure of the material without damaging the product. The most frequent requests to our center are directed to the field of reverse engineering, where we mainly encounter the requirement for the reverse of individual parts of damaged molds. In these cases, suitable documentation is often not available for the production of a replacement product. An example of reverse engineering in our center is shown in the figure below.


If you have a problem in this area, or the technology is not available in your company to perform the necessary analysis, do not hesitate to contact us!