The topics of the seminars are mainly based on the subjects of research and development activities of MASAM R&D and our research partners. In this respect, it is possible to arrange seminars, training and expert lectures according to your requirements in a wide range of topics of technical science. To give you an idea of the range of topics, see below the areas in which we actively provide educational and training activities:

  • cutting tools
  • manufacturing technologies (machining, welding, forming)
  • materials engineering,
  • production quality,
  • control and measurement systems,
  • automation in industry,
  • manufacturing equipment and systems,
  • mechatronics in technological equipment,
  • 3D design in CAD systems,
  • programming in CAM systems,
  • simulation in CAE systems,
  • reverse engineering.

If you are interested in employee training or any other type of educational activity for your company, we will be happy to arrange and organize this activity for you.