The center for research and development of special tools for machining technology is located directly in the parent company MASAM s.r.o. The company has a wide range of technologies available for the production of tools and their subsequent testing. We have a wide range of measuring equipment to assess the condition of the tool both before and after machining.

The research and development of tools for our customers focuses on special (custom) applications where no standard solution is available. Customized tools are always designed from the outset with a focus on getting the most out of the tool, in terms of tool life and performance.


The development and implementation of the production of special tools for chip machining inherently includes services such as:

  •  Determination of cutting parameters and machining technology
    We develop a proposal of cutting parameters for the customer through application sheets exactly for his specific machining conditions (clamping, machine performance, material to be machined). In case of interest, we provide turnkey technology design and debugging of the production process.
  •  Tool condition reporting prior to tool refurbishment
    An example of a pre-sharpening report is shown in the figure below. We will evaluate the condition of the tools after the manufacturing process and suggest possible adjustments to the customer for the best possible use of the tools and their lifetime. We also provide a report for cutting tools when carrying out tests, optimizations, or comparison of tool performance characteristics.
  •  Optimization of the production process
    Production process optimizations are inherent to industrial production. At MASAM R&D, we are constantly assessing tool results and looking for new available solutions that could be applied to our cutting tools.
  •  Economic evaluation of design and production
    In this respect, we provide the customer with an economic comparison of the different solutions used with a determination of the price per manufactured part. The customer receives a savings report based on the hourly machine rate and all the necessary costs associated with machining the part.
  •  Comprehensive tool documentation
    Documentation is supplied as standard in pdf. and dxf. format. If required, we will provide simulation results of the manufactured tool or a representation of the machining process in universal CAD formats.
  •  Testing of the tool functionality on our premises without blocking the production capacity
    We have our own machinery for testing cutting tools directly in our production facilities. Customers can test the functionality of the tool or the entire production technology directly at our premises without blocking the production capacity.
  •  Application support at the customer’s site
    Application support directly at the customer’s site is aimed at solving production problems immediately. In this regard, our specialists travel to the customer and propose a change to eliminate imperfections in the process.