Our centers for educational and training activities are located at the universities STU MTF, TUKE SJF and also at the Slovak Academy of Sciences SAV ÚMV. The R&D center of our company has the task to organize and provide professional trainings according to the needs of our customers in the following areas. Seminars are conducted by teaching staff from universities with the participation of experts in the field of the given area. They can be conducted on the premises of the universities or directly at the customer’s production site.

Areas for which MASAM R&D provides educational and training activities in form of seminars:

  •  Theory and practice of chip machining,
  • Theory and practice of welding,
  • Machining machines and tools,
  • Reverse Engineering,
  • Rapid prototyping,
  • Non-contact and contact measurement methods,
  • CAD systems and 3D modelling,
  • Programming in NC and CAM systems,
  • Simulation softwares,
  • CNC machine tool control systems,
  • Materials Engineering

Educational and training activities, as well as the exact content of the topics, are carried out based on the customer’s and the company’s staff’s requirements. The content of the theoretical and practical part (on machinery and measuring equipment) is proposed after joint consultation. The seminar can be a basic introduction to the subject or an extensive introduction to a specific problem.

If you need to professionally improve your staff at various levels in your production plant, do not hesitate to contact us!